Thank you students for an awesome 2021-2022 school year full of math and science.  Here are some key concepts we learned and completed during your 4th grade experience: 
    1)  Understanding place value up to millions place
    2)  Addition/Subtraction with regrouping up to millions place
    3)  Multiplication and Division up to 4 digits by 1 digit for multiplication, and 4 digit dividend
    4)  Fractions:  
         a)  Finding and understanding equivalence
         b)  adding and subtracting like and unlike denominators
         c)  comparing & ordering fractions on a number line
         d)  Decomposing mixed numbers and converting them into improper fractions
         e)  Multiplying a fraction times a whole number
         f)   Converting a fraction to a decimal
    5)  Decimal
         a)  Understanding tenths and hundredths
         b)  Drawing models comparing tenths & hundreds 
    6)   Geometry:
           a)   Parallel & Perpendicular
           b)  Angles 
                1)  Measuring using a protractor
                2)  Identfiy angles 
    Please feel free to continue practicing these concepts during the summer and focus on the following three for entering into 5th grade: 
    1)   Power of 10
    2)  Round numbers to any place up to a thousandth place
    3)  Multiply and Divide using a double digit divisor
    Be safe, enjoy your time by playing with friends and family, and come back with your best summer story or experience.  
    Mrs. Rawls
    4th Grade/Math & Science Teacher.  
    email:  rawlsjam@orange.k12.nj.us
    summer time