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    Dear Heywood Family,

    Welcome to a new school year!  My name is Jeannette Rodriguez-Laguna and I am Heywood’s School Social Worker/ Guidance Counselor. I am looking forward to an exciting school year working alongside of my Heywood community.

    My goal as Heywood’s social worker is to affect change in our school and serve as a resource to help our students succeed academically and grow to become our future leaders. My mission is to work effectively with the students, parents and school’s staff to identify and respond to the needs that coincide with the students’ well-being and academic development.  I will continue to work on providing a safe and caring environment for the students to feel comfortable in communicating any issues and sharing information with me.  I will assist our teachers with any behavioral and/or mental health concerns and provide classroom behavioral management support. I will develop and implement assessments, coordinate consultation with the schools’ professionals and community providers and facilitate individual and group therapy for the students.

    While at Heywood, I have learned to become more efficient in my work as I am exposed to a fast-paced environment. Working in a school environment requires me to think quickly on my feet and be prepared to handle any challenge that spontaneously occurs. When dealing with a crisis, I need to be able to assess and identify any issues and develop a plan to eliminate the crisis.  When dealing with a student experiencing a behavioral, social/emotional and/or anxiety issue, I will work in conjunction with the teachers and the students’ parents to develop an action plan in order to reduce and/or eliminate any immediate or ongoing concerns.  If the student requires additional services, I will assist the parent and student with outside resources. If a student is in jeopardy of failing a subject, I will work with the respective teachers to develop the appropriate interventions and strategies to help the student take the necessary steps towards behavioral, social, and/or academic improvement. I will provide relevant lessons/presentations related to peer-pressure, anger management, bullying, self-esteem, conflict resolution and academic pressure in order to help bring awareness to our students regarding day-to day challenges. Welcome and I look forward to supporting you all in any way that I can!

    If you ever have any questions about your child or anything that will be taking place in our school, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,

    Name: Mrs. Laguna

    Phone:  (973) 677-4000:  Heywood ( ext. 2632)

    Email:    rodrigje@orange.k12.nj.us

    "There is no greater joy; nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life."

    ~ Mary Rose McGeady