• How to Create a Form Using Schoolwires


    1. Open your Orange Public Schools website.
    2. Sign into your schoolwires account.
    3. Open schoolwires.
    4. Click on the "tools" tab or the "tools" drop down menu.
        1. Choose "Forms and Surveys"
        2. Click the "New Form/Survey" button
        3. Enter a Title for your form/survey.
        4. Click the SAVE button.
        5. Create your form/survey by clicking the insert button.
        6. Choose the type of item that you want (yes/no, multiple choice, open-ended, etc.)
        7. Fill out the appropriate areas. Example:
        1. Click Save

      Created by Julie Spoerl, January 2011

      1. Click Insert again and continue entering questions/fields.
      2. To move questions up or down, use the blue arrows on the left side:
          1. When you are finished adding and organizing your questions, click "done."
          2. Click the check box to the left of the form to activate your form when you are ready:
              1. To change the administrative options, click on the options button to the right of your form.

            Link your form to a webpage:

              1. Open the webpage that you’d like to link the form to.
              2. Type the text in which to link the form and then highlight the text.
              3. Click the "insert forms link" button that looks like this:
                  1. Find your form in the list, click "next" twice, then "insert link."
                  2. Save your page. It is now linked and ready for your participants to use.


                : When your participants have filled out and submitted the form/survey, you can go back into the form/survey area to Analyze the data collected.

                Created by Julie Spoerl, January 2011

              Last Modified on April 19, 2013