US History

Grade 7 Overview

  • Unit 1: Our Colonial Heritage 

    • How do cultures differ from one another?
    • How does life change over time?
    • How do experiences shape political and social ideals?

    Unit 2: The American Revolution and The New Nation

    • What course of action does a nation need to take to gain independence?
    • How do events and ideas affect the creation of an official written document?
    • How do the ideas of an official written document affect people’s lives?
    • What types of events strengthen a nation over time?

    Unit 3: The American Revolution and The New Nation

    • What impact does a leader have on their own nation?
    • How does industrialization change the area that it develops in?
    • How does geography affect the way people live?
    • How does a nation handle difficulties as they develop within the nation?

    Unit 4: The New Nation and The Nation Breaks Apart

    • What effect does the issue of slavery have on politics?
    • What may be the causes for a nation to break apart?
    • How does internal conflict change a nation?
    • How does a nation recover from internal conflict?
    • How do race relations impact a global society?