Civics Topics Overview

  • Unit 1: The Foundations of Citizenship

    • What are some of the reasons why people immigrate?
    • What are the foundations and responsibilities of citizenship?
    • How do values affect citizens’ responsibilities within a society?

    Unit 2: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    • What might life be like if there was no  national government to protect and unite a group of people?
    • How does the government embody the purposes, values, and principles of the citizens’ dream?
    • How does a constitution remain a living or a not a living document?

    Unit 3: Federal, State, and Local Government 

    • What roles do the legislative, executive, and judicial branches each take in creating a balanced government?
    • How does the system of checks and balances allow governments to meet the needs of all citizens?
    • How do the powers of the federal government allow for state and local governments to exist and meet the needs of citizens at those levels?
    • How do state laws co-exist with federal laws?

    Unit 4: Economics, Government, and Personal Finance

    • What is an economic system?
    • What role do producers and consumers take in an economy?
    • How does the availability of resources effect economic decisions? 
    • How much can a business be regulated in a democratic government?
    • Are there limits to government activity in the economy?
    • How do financial institutions affect the economy?
    • How can government spending affect the economy?
    • How does a country calculate its Gross Domestic Product? (GDP)