• Useful Websites

     1. Destinyhttp://orange.follettdestiny.com/

    This is Orange School District's system for finding Databases, completing research, and finding and checking out books to students and faculty.
    2.Discovery Educationhttp://discoveryeducation.com/
    This site is very helpful when you want to find a video to show your students on almost any topic you can think of, for practically every grade level. 
    3. Plagiarism.orghttp://www.plagiarism.org/   
    This site is great for students and teachers to view if they want to know anything about Plagiarism, including what it is, examples of Plagiarism, and how to avoid it.
    4. Make Belief Comixhttp://www.makebeliefscomix.com/
    This is a great way for students to make up a comic strip on pretty much anything!
    5. Zunalhttp://zunal.com/
    Teachers! Want to find an easy and free way to make a webquest for your students? This site will help!
    6. Google Earthhttp://google.com/earth
    This is a good site to teach your students about specific locations you might be teaching about (a plus for Social Studies and History teachers)
    7. Reading Rewards - http://www.reading-rewards.com/ 
    Click here to log into Reading Rewards. 
    8. Proquest SIRS Discoverer -   http://discoverer.prod.sirs.com/discoweb/
     Click here to sign into Proquest SIRS Discoverer. This site can help you with all of your research needs!
    9.World Book Online - http://www.worldbookonline.com
    Click here to sign into World Book Online. This site includes different categories for Students grade K-7 and higher for research needs, as well as providing lesson plans, games and more for students and teachers!
    These FREE sites provide coding games for students grades Kindergarten through 7th grade. These games incorporate fun themes such as Frozen, Stars Wars, and Minecraft. Plus the levels on the games increase from easy to difficult, providing an extra challenge for all learning levels. Happy Coding! 
    11. Career Interest Survey - http://www.iseek.org/careers/clusterSurvey 
    This site provides students with a short survey to decide what major in college would be best for them based on their interests.  
    This website will allow students to create their own story by choosing characters, actions, and plot. My StoryMaker is great for all aged students.