• Library Expectations
    I believe that students should be in charge of making their own expectations, so that there is a greater chance that these are fulfilled.
    Within the first week of school, students are given the opportunity to make up these rules, with guidance in making these rules from the Library Media Specialist.
    Expectations of Behavior in the Library
    Always sit in "listening positions" 
    Respect one another in the Library, especially when others are trying to complete work
    One person talks at a time
    Treat books with care and return them on time
    Use "inside voices"
    Walk Safely within the areas of the Library
    Use shelf markers when taking books off of shelves
    Do not be afraid to ask for HELP! 

    Expectations from Ms. Sansone*
    Enjoy reading!
     Come to the library respectfully, responsibly, and ready to learn!
    No idea is wrong, just different, so speak up and be heard! 
                                                                                                       ***These ideas also apply TO Ms. Sansone