•  Priority One

    Supports for Students

    Once enrolled at the STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges, students will receive the highest level of academic and social support to enable them to persevere through a rigorous curriculum.  This includes summer bridge programs, Advisory periods, tutoring programs, extended school day, and an extended school year to strengthen student transitions to STEM coursework, college-level coursework, and careers.




    • Implement focused outreach efforts to identify and recruit prospective students.


    • Establish a viable feeder program through the Scholars Program.


    • Increase use of software tools such as Naviance and NWEA MAP for analysis; tracking student progress and offering more effective advising.


    • Analyze student data to identify at-risk students to make possible timely intervention before, during, and after school.


    • Coordinate tutoring, mentoring, adaptive learning and student support via
      • Structured advisory resulting from quarter-cycle progress
      • Post secondary tutoring formats
      • Structured use of teachers’ office hours


    • Intensify first year of advisement for the purpose of keeping students on-track and helping students identify their major of study.


    • Celebrate the successes of students meeting and exceeding performance expectations and those showing noteworthy growth within and between Marking Periods.