• Focus on 3 Majors/Tracks

    Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computing Sciences

    1     3   5



    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

    Grade 12





    American Experiences*

    English I +  US History I

    Political Studies*

    English II + US History II

    HUM 101 English Composition I** &

    World History I

    HUM 101 English Composition II**



    Integrated Math I* or

    Integrated Math II*

    Integrated Math II* or

    Integrated Math III*

    Integrated III* or

    MTH 111 (Calculus I)**


    MTH 111 Calculus I** or

    MTH 112 Calculus II**


    PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science/Biology*


    AP Environmental Science**

    PHY 121/A Physics II/Lab** or

    CHEM 125/A General Chem/Lab**

    Mechanical Engineering Track


    Introduction to Engineering and Design*

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing*

    Principles of Engineering*

    Engineering Design and Development*

    Biomedical Engineering Track

    PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science/Biology*

    Human Body Systems*

    Medical Interventions*

    Biomedical Innovation*

    Computing Sciences Track

    Computing Ideas*

    Introduction to Computer Science (Python)*

    AP Comp Science A**

    PLTW CyberSecurity*


     * Honors Level Course

    ** Dual Enrollment/College Level Course or Advanced Placement Level Course




    • School Day is from 8:20AM – 2:20PM (Mondays) and until 3:30PM T – F
    • Teachers teach until 4pm each day
    • Early dismissal on Monday’s gives teachers the opportunity to plan, collaboratively
    • Classes are 80 minutes
    • The school operates in TRIMESTERS which allows students to take a college level Summer 1 class during the regular school year; or to get intervention support if needed