STEM-Focused Curriculum

    STEM Academy students will encounter a course of study that is under continual scrutiny in order to ensure that it meets current academic standards, provides a core education to produce the most highly prepared students and is delivered by enthusiastic instructors using innovative and effective methods. Digital learning is an integral part of every student’s experience, with instructors engaging students through blended pedagogies that promote anytime and any place learning. Students are given opportunities to learn at their own pace and to explore their own path to achieve their learning goals.


    Focus:  Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computing Sciences

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    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

    Grade 12





    American Experiences*

    English I +  US History I

    Political Studies*

    English II + US History II

    HUM 101 English Composition I** &

    World History I

    HUM 101 English Composition II**



    Integrated Math I* or

    Integrated Math II*

    Integrated Math II* or

    Integrated Math III*

    Integrated III* or

    MTH 111 (Calculus I)**


    MTH 111 Calculus I** or

    MTH 112 Calculus II**


    PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science/Biology*


    AP Environmental Science**

    PHY 121/A Physics II/Lab** or

    CHEM 125/A General Chem/Lab**

    Mechanical Engineering Track


    Introduction to Engineering and Design*

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing*

    Principles of Engineering*

    Engineering Design and Development*

    Biomedical Engineering Track

    PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science/Biology*

    Human Body Systems*

    Medical Interventions*

    Biomedical Innovation*

    Computing Sciences Track

    Computing Ideas*

    Introduction to Computer Science (Python)*

    AP Comp Science A**

    PLTW CyberSecurity*


     * Honors Level Course

    ** Dual Enrollment/College Level Course or Advanced Placement Level Course



    • CS 113  Roadmap to Computing (3 credits)
    • Econ 265  Microeconomics (3 credits)
    • Econ 266  Macroeconomics (3 credits)
    • FED 101  Fundamentals of Engineering Design (2 credits)
    • SS 201 Economics (3 credits)
    • MET 103 Engineering Graphics & Intro to CAD (2 credits)
    • MET 105 Applied CAD (2 credits)
    • IT 101  Introduction to Information Technology (3 credits)

     Art Classes

    • Graphic Art & Digital Design I
    • Graphic Art & Digital Design II

    World Language Classes

    • Spanish I
    • Spanish II