app 2024-2025 Application for
    Scholars' Academy Gifted Education services program
    Applications for the Gifted and Talented program for students who are in grades K-6 are available from January 16, 2024 until February 16, 2024.  Applicants should have A's and B's in CORE content areas, exceeding district and state assessments, and demonstrate high abilities compared to their age appropriate peers.  The CogAT assessment will be administered to applicants based upon the schedule from March to May and families will be notified via email the dates of their child's school testing window.  The testing window is dependent upon the availability of the home school's schedule.  Scholars Academy gifted and talented program provides transportation from the home schools to Scholars Academy once a week to receive advanced content area skills and projects in STEM, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
    Click below for the form that will be available from January 16-February 16, 2024:  Parent recommendation or Staff recommendation.  


    Valid email addresses have to be available to complete the application and receive follow-up communications. 

    Any questions, please contact Principal Machuca at machucka@orange.k12.nj.us.  As always, thank you for your support of the Orange Township Public School District.