• summer
     We would like to wish all of our students and families a safe and fun-filled summer! We wish all children who are moving up to kindergarten the very best and we look forward to seeing all of our returning and new students in September. The summer time is when learning retention often wanes as children are out of school. Please help them to reinforce what was taught at school by engaging them in enriching summertime experiences. 
    September Reminders: 
    • Summer Enrichment packets were handed out to each student. Packets are also available for you to download on this website in English, Haitian Creole and Spanish. 
    • Please work with your child to complete the summer activities on the calendars. Return these calendars to your  child's teacher in September. Returning students will return completed packet to room 107 and the kindergarten students should return theirs to kindergarten teachers.
    • Bring a sheet, a blanket, a box of tissue, a container of wipes and an extra set of clothing on the first day of school, a plasic shoe box to store clothes. 
    • School begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m.