• Orange Board of Education

    District Goals


    Developed August 10, 2017


    1. By June 2019, the Orange Board of Education will enhance and improve student achievement for all students, as measured by a minimum 20 percentage point increase on the PARCC assessments in mathematics and English Language Arts per grade over the 2017 baseline. (10 percentage points in 2018 and 10 percentage points in 2019)


    1. By June 2018, a minimum 80% of students in all subject areas will meet grade level major standards, as measured by a score of 75% or higher on benchmark assessments. Additionally, students who have not met the standards must show growth, as measured by benchmark assessments.


    1. By June 2018, 100% of all principals will, at a minimum, meet proficiency, as measured by the major QSR indicators.


    1. During 2017-2018, each Orange Public School and department will develop and incorporate a brand and branding campaign with a lens on students and learning that is transparent and communicated and understood in partnership with all stakeholders.