• Our School Narrative

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    The STEM INNOVATION ACADEMY of the ORANGES (the Academy) encompasses the dualities of rigor and collaborative working relationships, results and respect. We have one common intellectual mission--to ready students for college success via exposure to DEEPER LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS (project-based, highly personalized, blended learning experiences) that are strategically focused on the individual needs of ALL students.

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    This focus is supported by the belief in ALL students' abilities and is reflective of high expectations. This allows us to strike a seamless balance between striving and supporting-- demanding performance with purpose; systematically engaging students as scientists, authors, creators, inventors, collaborators and problem solvers.  This is a complex shift in mindset in which the STEM INNOVATION ACADEMY community embraces, takes ownership of, and subscribes.


    Vision & Mission Statement

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    The long-range vision for The STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges is to create a model for STEM education that unites public and private sector to provide better options for our students and that strengthens the continuum from high school to college to careers. The Academy will provide a fully integrated STEM education model using engineering design, mathematical analysis, and scientific investigation to leverage the natural connections between STEM subjects while offering multiple pathways to post-secondary study.

    Its mission is to provide students, underrepresented in STEM college majors and careers, with a personalized pathway towards mastery of the skills and knowledge that they will need to make the transition from education to college and industry. The STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges considers college admission and completion the goal for all students.