Orange Early Childhood Center

Welcome to the OECC

“Building the Future…..One Child at a Time”

397 Park Avenue   

Orange, NJ 07050

973-677-4000 ext. 1920 or 1903

Jacquelyn Blanton
Early Childhood Supervisor &
OECC Building Administrator 

Orange Early Childhood Center

Mission Statement


It is the intent of the Early Childhood Department toprovide a quality educational opportunity for all children ages three and four livingin the City of Orange Township.  Our goalis to maximize their individual cognitive, physical, and social/emotionalpotential by utilizing a developmentally appropriate approach to learning thatis supported by a comprehensive research-based curriculum and the NJ PreschoolTeaching and Learning Standards.

Shared Beliefs

 ·        All children will have an equal opportunity to developpersonally (i.e. culturally and linguistically) through a quality preschooleducational experience

 ·        All children will be provided with a qualityeducational environment that promotes his/her cognitive, social, and emotionalgrowth

 ·        All children come to school with a special giftand something to offer; it is the responsibility of caring adults to accept,acknowledge and support them while nurturing their gifts in a warm andrespectful quality learning environment

 ·        A developmental approach to preschool educationsupported by a comprehensive research-based curriculum provides educationalopportunities that allow for success in life

 ·        Effective preschool programs have an effect notonly on the preschooler but on the community as well.  It has the potential to positively alter thelives of families and the community at large