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400 Central Avenue, Orange, NJ 07050

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400 Central Avenue Orange, New Jersey 07050
Tel: (973) 677-4135 Fax: (973) 677-2439
 School Hours:  8:20 - 2:25
Noel Cruz, Assistant Principal
Samantha Sica Fossella, Assistant Principal
Carrie Halstead, Assistant Principal

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October 24th
6 pm - 10 pm
October 25th, 2014
8 am - 5 pm  
Lincoln Avenue School   


Our students and teachers will embrace the Small Learning Community’s Educational Model. The four SLC’s (Health Science, Business Technology, Law and Arts) will function as high performing collaborative teams. We will implement instructional strategies that are designed to enable all students to master the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and to enjoy and celebrate learning. The teachers of each SLC will strive to present interdisciplinary thematic instruction and project based learning in a nurturing environment that inspires students to engage in many of the challenges of the 21st Century.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The administration, staff and community of Orange Preparatory Academy believe that all children can learn. We accept the responsibility of providing an environment whereby each student will be able to acquire the knowledge and social skills, necessary to participate independently in a democratic society. Social, educated and literate people contribute toward the preservation of democracy and the elimination of poverty, prejudice, and inequality. We will remain persistent in building students self-esteem while fostering academic achievement. The administration, faculty and support staff is committed to:

  • Implementing a rigorous curriculum that addresses the wide range of individual differences among students.
  • Encouraging learning challenges, taking into account students’ maturity, interest and learning style.
  • Exposing students to various enrichment activities and experiences.
  • Promoting the physical well being of each student through a comprehensive health and physical education program that involves students in physical activities.
  • Developing in each student an appreciation for the fine and performing arts.
  • Providing students with a code of conduct that encourages the development of self-discipline, civic and social responsibility.
  • Teaching students respect and value for themselves and others.
  • Promoting an environment of cultural awareness, respect and appreciation.
  • Embracing the research of Lauren B. Resnick and Megan Williams Hall in their article “Principles of Learning for Effort-Based Education.” We believe an environment, which is rich in strategic problem solving, can foster and heighten student intellect.
  • More specifically, because we believe that intelligence is learnable; we are committed to designing classrooms that employ problem solving skills and one that encourages students to ask questions.