Unit 1 Plan

Unit 1 sets the stage for the theme of the Principles of Biomedical Science™ course and is meant to introduce students to the world of biomedical and forensic science. Students will be introduced to a college student, Anna Garcia, who is found dead in a lab on campus. In the first lesson (10-11 blocks), students will investigate the scene, gather evidence, and then move to the lab to analyze their findings in order to determine her manner of death. Evidence investigated will include witness testimony, hair, fingerprints, and blood found at the scene, and digital evidence. Students will also analyze the DNA found at the scene to definitively identify persons of interests through the use of extraction, restriction enzyme digestion, and gel electrophoresis. This lesson will culminate in students creating a status report regarding their initial findings and explanations for what happened to Anna Garcia. In the second lesson (8-9 blocks) students will be taken through the steps of performing an autopsy to learn more information about the death of Anna Garcia. They will learn how to measure time of death using markers such as algor mortis, rigor mortis, and livor mortis. They will also explore the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems in more depth through various investigations, including analyzing the contents of Anna’s stomach, reviewing brain scans, and dissecting a heart. By the end of this lesson, students will have a finalized autopsy report and can use that in conjunction with what they learned in the first lesson to create a forensic report detailing the events surrounding the death of Anna Garcia. Students will put together all of the evidence collected and analyzed regarding Anna’s mysterious death throughout the unit in order to draw conclusions and create a report detailing the suspected manner of death. In the third lesson (2-3 blocks) students will investigate use the knowledge and procedures they have learned throughout the unit to analyze a second mysterious death. They will work through each step of the forensic and medical examination and present their findings as an evidence board.

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