regresar a la escuela

Welcome back to a new school year. I hope everyone had a great summer.

My name is Mrs. Gomez and I will be your Spanish teacher. My objective is to develop in linguistic and cultural proficiency in Spanish and acquire academic skills throughout the use of  Spanish activities. When learning a foreign language, please keep in mind the following skills that will be developed throughout the term:
          1) conversation skills       3) reading skills
          2) writing skills                 4) listen and speaking
The aims/ objectives of this course are therefore:
          1) to have the students understand simple Spanish spoken at  a normal speed 
          2) to have students express themselves orally in Spanish
          3) to have students read and write simple Spanish 


Classroom participation is 100% of a student's grade. In the event that an absence is unavoidable, it is the students responsibility to complete and/or make-up any missed work.

The grade for each marking period will be based on the following criteria:
1) Participation (class work and preparation) 
2) Various quizzes
3) Written homework and assignments