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Orange Week 2021

OPS is proud to announce the launching of "Orange Week 2021!, June 7 - June 12". This is the third year of the initiative which celebrates community pride and highlights neighborhood activities, businesses and nonprofits that operate in Orange, NJ. The theme for the initiative is “Are you in?”. Orange Week 2021! provides an opportunity for the community to connect and rally around a series of events designed to create greater awareness about all of the great things that are happening and resources available in the city. 
A little history: Back in 2019, the initiative was originally planned as a week of events however, it has quickly expanded to events happening throughout the month of June. Events were scheduled all around town from June 3rd to June 29th. We would like to extend that opportunity for this year as wellIf you are hosting events that are happening during the week, please use the hashtag #OrangeWeek2021 with your social media posts.
For your reference, please see the attachment to view the promotional flyer and see the link below to view some flyers promoting events happening throughout the week (additional flyers will be added as they become available):
One of the highlights for this year's initiative is the Culinary Competition. Dr. Fitzhugh, Mayor Warren and Mr. Belton will each partner with a student enrolled in the OPS Culinary Program to compete in a "Chopped" style culinary competition:
​ chop