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Heywood Avenue School - Movember Challenge

The Heywood Movember Mustache/Fitness Challenge Fundraiser is On!    Please see the video at the following link for an important announcement: 

Support Heywood's efforts and student field trips by donating via the Eventbrite at

Movember Mustache Challenge - Starting by November 3, 2019, the men of Heywood, Orange Public Schools, and the Orange community will start with a clean-shaven face. Grow and groom your mustache throughout November. Don’t Fake it - no beards, no goatees, no fake mustaches! Use the power of your mustache to spark conversation and raise awareness of the health challenges men are facing.

We are asking that the men of Heywood, Orange Public School, and the Orange community take a picture of their clean-shaven face by November 3rd and post it to the Heywood Twitter Account with the hashtags #Heywood and #Movember. Post updated pictures each Monday to show off your Movember mustache and to raise awareness of this important cause.

The Heywood Twitter address is: @HeywoodSTEM

Additional information about Movember and the health crisis facing men may be found at 

Who will be joining us for the Movember Fitness Challenge?

  • Download the FREE Pacer App to your phone:

Pacer App -

  •  Join one of the Following Pacer Groups:

Heywood Movember Challenge Group A (40 member limit)

 Heywood Movember Challenge Group B (40 Person Limit) -

  • Check your daily progress towards the goal of 60 miles in November

Movember Fitness 60 Mile Challenge - Embrace a healthy habit by challenging yourself to walk on average 2 miles per day (Sixty Miles Total) in November. Join the Heywood Movember Fitness!

If you have any questions, reach out to Mr. Murphy or Ms. Alcantara.

Team Orange, thank you as always for your support and your donations!  Let's show our men that we support and encourage them to take care of their health!