Curriculum and Instruction

    Ms Karen Harris, Director of English Language Arts and Testing

    Dr. Tina Powell, Director of Mathematics and Science

    Dr. Terri Russo, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Mr. David Aytas, Supervisor of STEM
     Ms Tia Burnett, Supervisor of  Testing
    Mrs. Meng Li Chi Liu, Supervisor of Mathematics: Grades 9-12
    Ms Linda Epps, Supervisor of Social Studies and Technology Coordinators
    Mr. Jahmel Drakeford, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education and Health/Physical Education: K-7
    Mr. Henie Parillon, Supervisor of Science: Grades K-12
    Ms Olga Castellanos, Supervisor of Mathematics: Grades K-2 
     Mrs. Adriana Hernandez, Supervisor of English Language Arts: Grades K-2
    Mr. Kurt Mathews, Supervisor of English Language Arts: Grades 8-12
    Ms Caroline Onyesonwu, Supervisor of ESL/Bilingual and World Languages  
    Mr. Daniel Ramirez, Supervisor of Mathematics: Grades 3-8
    Dr. Donna Sinisgalli, Supervisor of Visual/Performing Arts  
    Ms Rosa Lazzizera, Supervisor of English Language Arts: Grades 3-7
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