• Welcome to Ms. Benvenuta's Health and Physical Education class!

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    The Orange Public Schools Expectations for Emergency At-Home Instruction

    2020-2021 School Year


    1:00pm - 1:45pm



    Google Classroom Codes
    (Google Classroom Codes are listed below and separated by Homeroom Teacher. Assignments and bitmoji virtual classroom will be posted and updated for each lesson on Google Classroom. Students must complete both Health & PE assignments DAILY as per their schedules.)

    ClassDojo: www.classdojo.com

    CLEVER Login: www.clever.com

    (PRIMARY form of communication will be conducted via ClassDojo; sign in via CLEVER. ClassDojo links to join my class are listed below. MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGING IN UNDER THE CORRECT SCHOOL! K-2 students will be listed under Central Elementary School; 3-7 students will be listed under Rosa Parks Community School. Check ClassDojo for notifications and messages DAILY.)
    Kindergarten (Stevens) - 344lk3t
    ClassDojo: Join Stevens PE
    1st (Maxwell) - 7zlxzy6
    2nd (Rempfer) - gfepgkd
    2nd (Whalen) - goz2dfk
    3rd (St. Fort) - xhm55bh
    4th (Kober) - 4ak6mib
    5th (Edwards) - 7wlix22
    6th (Gomez) - pznzer4
    ClassDojo: Join Gomez PE
    6th (Rose) - dnlhdgn
    7th (Bennington) - frm7ehl
    7th (Khan) - frm7ehl