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     Welcome to Instrumental Music!


    Happy New Year!
                    I am very excited to teach bucket drumming to the second grade as well as Ms. Thorpe's and Ms. Werner's classes! Students will play on buckets using craft dowels to simulate drum sticks in class and will follow the "Bucket Drumming Karate" curriculum. Once students have mastered the Junio level, I will post the rhythms in google classroom.  Home practice is encouraged. You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase a drumsticks - we provide the equipment in school. However, if you wish to purchase dowels for your child to use at home they are avaliable in Dollar Tree in the craft section. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

    Grading policy: Students will be graded on how well they play selected exercises, written musical critique, and music reading. I always give students the option to perform playing tests with a group or after class so that everyone can take their playing tests in the environment that makes them the most comfortable. Nobody has to play a solo if they do not want to!

    We will be learning to think and write like musicians this year, and that means musical critique! We will learn the terminology and vocabulary to describe what we hear so that we can describe the tempo and dynamics of the piece, as well as the form and timbre. Don't worry, your child will be able to explain these words to you soon enough.