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    Afterschool Clubs

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    After-school programs offer students the time and space to learn and experiment on their own terms. Free from curricular pressures, and classroom periods, teachers can offer students sustained, deep learning in nontraditional topics like game development, robotics, debate, and beyond. Enrichment programs can also provide students with the academic support, test prep, and homework help they need to build skills and confidence. 

    The afterschool programs here at Forest affords our students many new learning experiences to extend their learning and/or provide the academic supports to build on skills and move them forward!

    Forest Street Community School Clubs and activities are available for students in grades K-7. These programs are in session Monday –Thursday from 3:20-4:30. All clubs and activities are supervised by Forest Street Community School staff members. Below are a list of the clubs and activities with a brief description.

     Afterschool Clubs

    Kindergarten-Back to the Basics

    The Back to the Basics club provides students with the opportunity to create interactive board games that have an ELA and mathematics theme. Students use the games to strengthen their foundational skills and express their creativity. The games created will be sold during the scheduled Market Day.

    1st Grade- Recycling

    The Recycling Club focus is to help the environment starting with their classroom.  The students are introduced to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on reducing waste in their school and ultimately their community. This club collects recycled items from the school community including plastic and paper goods. The students use the items to create new products. They are also the ambassadors for our schoolwide recycling effort. These efforts include petitions for not using styrofoam lunch trays, placing recycling cans around the inside and outside of the school, and creating share tables in the cafeteria. Students in this club will market and sell the products that they make from recycled materials during the scheduled Market Day.

    2nd Grade-Arts and Crafts

    The arts and crafts club allows students to use their creativity and talents to make wearable art. The materials used to make the jewelry and other accessories will be supplied partly by the Recycling Club. Students in this club will market and sell their products during the scheduled Market Day.

    4th Grade-Tech-etttes

    The Tech-ettes club allows students to use coding to create their own website to display their writing. This club encourages the [positive attributes of technology and also allows students to learn coding and put it into practice.

    Middle School-Debate

    The debate club prepares students to conduct research and cultivate their oratory skills. This club also allows students to express themselves in a positive manner and understand the components of positive debate.

    Middle School-March Multiplication Madness

    The 3M club is a mathematics centered program that supports student’s comprehension of multiplication. Students are exposed to digital and hands on games that focus on multiplication. This club prepares students for a mathematics competition that takes place at the end of the school year (Sweet Sixteen).

    Middle School-Game 24

    The Game 24 club introduces students to a math focused card game. Students in this club build foundational, teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

    Grades 3-7-Drama Club

    The Drama Club teaches the technical and performance aspects of theater. This club teaches empathy through the art of drama with an emphasis on teamwork, discipline and social skills. The club has annual performance showcasing the work and skills obtained through the exploration of characters and plot of a specific play.