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    Dear Parents,
         First allow me to introduce myself.  I am Julie O'Connor and I have been teaching in Orange since 1986.  I am looking forward to a very educational, successful and enjoyable year with your children. 
       This year we are continuing to implement our new programs!  I will be teaching READ180, a system designed to help partially proficient ELA students. The program consists of whole group instruction, followed by 20 minute rotations.  The rotations consist of small group instruction, silent reading, and computer stations. The computer component allows each student to work at their own pace, on their individualized reading levels. The computer program includes five zones. The zones are reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and a success zone.  Then  I am able to view each student's progress, which  enables me to drive my small group instruction to meet their individual needs. 
         My goal for June is to have each and every student reading and writing on or above grade level.  I also want to develop your child's independence, organizational and social skills.  In my opinion these are two key elements for success.  
         In order to achieve these goals, I, of course, will do everything I can for the students.  However, you too can help make the difference.  Please check your child's backpack and folder every night!  Help them with the things they don't understand.  Encourage them to read a minimum of thirty minutes a night!  Praise their good papers!
    I'm sure if we work together, we will have a rewarding year!
    Julie O'Connor