•        MsBarros
       Ms. Barros
     Pre-K Teacher
    RPCS  Room #8 
    33 Cleveland Street
    Orange, New Jersey 07050
    Phone: 973-677-4110
    Fax: 973-677-1838
    My name is Ms. Barros I have been teaching Pre-K for the last 17 years.  I am proud to be one of Orange Board of Education, High/Scope Certified Classroom.   It is my goal to make my classroom filled with love and a great learning experience for each and every child that enters my room. Children will be supported to become thinkers and learners. It is my believe that a positive interaction between teacher and parent strengthens the feeling of support for all children's need for success in school.  My goal is to create an atmosphere of open communication regarding your child's progress and behavior both at home and at school.   My goal is to support each child at their level and foster their learning to help them succeed to make their educational experience an excellent journey.
    Ms. Gomez
    Pre- K Paraprofessional
    RPCS  Room #8
    Ms. Gomez has been a Pre-K assistant teacher for the last 7 years. She is trained in our High/Scope Curriculum.  She believes that with the right guidance and support all children can be successful in anything that they chose.  Her goal is to support the children while they are actively engaged with all that they are exploring throughout the day.