High Scope Numbers Plus – Preschool Mathematics Curriculum

  • Orange Board of Education

    Early Childhood Education Program


    High Scope Numbers Plus – Preschool Mathematics Curriculum


    The Numbers Plus Preschool Mathematics Curriculum is a comprehensive set of detailed plans for small and large group activities, with ideas for extending mathematics learning throughout the program day.


    By actively engaging young children with materials and ideas, Number Plus builds on the latest knowledge from research and practice about early mathematics learning and how adults support it.


    Numbers plus is sequenced with activities that have a built in progression so children of different developmental and ability levels can participate together and have a positive and meaningful learning experience.


    Numbers Plus has five areas of concentration:


    1. Numbers and Operations – understanding whole numbers, number words and symbols, counting, comparing, ordering, etc
    2. Geometry – identifying shapes and describing spatial awareness
    3. Measurement – measuring objects and using measurements to compare objects
    4. Algebra – identifying patterns and relationships
    5. Data Analysis – formulating answers by collecting, organizing and analyzing data
Last Modified on August 26, 2022