• Dr. Victoria Pagonis

    Greetings! I'm thrilled to be a part of the Park Avenue School community, and I'd like to introduce myself as Dr. Victoria Pagonis. With three decades of experience in education, I've worn various hats – from instructor to K-12 curriculum director, assistant superintendent, and even leading two K-12 education companies in New Jersey. My most recent role involved teaching the children of our nation's dedicated military personnel at Fort Bragg in North Carolina – a privilege I hold dear.

    My journey brings me back to New Jersey, and I'm enthusiastic to teach fifth and sixth-grade mathematics at Park Avenue School.

    Outside education, my heart belongs to a bustling and close-knit family. My husband and I are proud parents of five children spanning ages 12 to 39, and we're also blessed with three adorable granddaughters. Our family is constantly on the go, and our weekends are dedicated to exploring the vibrant events of New Jersey. If you need recommendations for engaging events in the northwest region of the state, don't hesitate to ask – I'm a seasoned travel guide in that aspect!

    As an educator, my approach is rooted in compassion and empathy. Life's journey presents challenges to all, and young individuals especially deserve mentors who lend a listening ear, understand their uniqueness, and genuinely care for their growth. My primary goal is to establish a profound connection with my students. By comprehending their individualities, I believe we can truly unearth their potential. To that end, I encourage a close partnership with families, as parents possess an unparalleled understanding of their children. Regular communication with me will provide insights into your child's strengths and areas needing focus.

    I eagerly anticipate a collaborative academic year, fostering an environment where learning thrives and young minds flourish.