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    Parent-Teacher Conferences: 2/9-2/10 


    Please sign up for a Google Meets meeting with me on Tuesday, 2/9 or Wednesday, 2/10 by selecting an available timeslot from the link below:

    Parent-Teacher Conference Link




    Hello, my name is Mr. Nawrocki and this year I will be teaching 8th Grade Social Studies (Inclusion and Resource), and 9th Grade Global Studies (Inclusion and Resource). I am very excited to meet you all and to having a wonderful 2021-2022 school year!

    The best way to reach me is by email: nawrocdr@orange.k12.nj.us 


    All Students: Read the following before you join your first class

    All students must join their class period's Google Classroom and Remind.


    Google Classroom             Remind


    Period 1 i422kuu          Period 1  @4gh98ak

    Period 2 4ef7xcl           Period 2 @hc273g4

    Period 4 2k7ijoc           Period 4  @72edec

    Period 6 bdnxwzf      Period 6  

    Period 7 52a65b6       Period 7  


    8th Graders- click HERE for the Class Syllabus.


    9th Graders- click HERE for the Class Syllabus.


    Supply list: 

    1. Three-ring binder or separate spiral binder designated for this class
    2. Pens or Pencils
    3. Pocket Folder for handouts
    4. Internet access (arrangements will be made if not available at home)

    5. Chromebook or personal internet device. 


    If you have questions about any assignments, please contact me via email: nawrocdr@orange.k12.nj.us 


    Please review Google Classroom for all assignments. All assignments MUST be completed by the deadline given. If for some reason you cannot complete your work by the deadline, you must let me know before the assignment is due so necessary accommodations could be made. 

    All assignments will be graded according to the scoring guidelines as seen on my Social Studies syllablus. These include classworks, homeworks, quizzes, tests, and authentic assessments.

    All students are expected to answer daily Do Now questions and complete daily assignments before the posted deadline.


    Student responsibilities in completing the assignments include:

    • Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn
    • Dedicating appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers
    • Routinely checking appropriate Google Classrooms and emails for information on courses,
      assignments, and resources, on a daily basis
    • Attending and participating in any check-in times offered by your teachers
    • Engaging in the virtual/ hybrid/ in-person platforms with academic honesty, integrity, and according to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy
    • Submitting all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates


    Please see the OPA Student Handbook for more detailed information: OPA Student Handbook


    All the best,

    Mr. Nawrocki MA, MAT


    "The past is never dead. It's not even past."
    -- William Faulkner