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     Mr. Mayer


    Mr. Mayer

    Health and Physical Education 

    Phone Number: 973-677-4134 ex5697

    Email: jakemayer@orange.k12.nj.us 


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    Period 1 Remind Me Code- 7497k743

    Period 2 Remind Me Code- cffdkg

    Period 5B Remind Me Code- 88e7gh

    Period 6A Remind Me Code- 7282eb

    Period 7 Remind Me Code- 28747g

    Period 8 Remind Me Code- bafhkc


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    Below are the links and codes to my Google Classrooms.  Each assignment contains a due date. Please note, parents will be contacted if students are not completing assignments.


    Period 1 Google Classroom Code- d4katmw

    Period 2 Goodle Classroom Code- 47nlitv

    Period 5B Classroom Code- 2lbbgb6

    Period 6A Classroom Code- ny2si6h

    Period 7 Classroom Code- bnagcyo

    Period 8 Classroom Code- iko4o4d

    Office Hours: 1:15 p.m. -3:15 p.m. 

    Physical Fitness Videos and Links

    20 Min Full body

    30 Min Hip Hop Workout 

    Kids and Adult workout video