• Mr. Fabian, Biology 

    Room 220 

    Grade 9 


    Hello everyone and welcome to our fun-filled world of science. Ever wonder why you look like your grandparents? How scientists can make predictions of our past? Do you like to experiment to see for yourself? Can you even imagine being the first scientist to discover the cell? or a disease? or a cure for a disease? Can you filter clean water from dirty water? Is this enough to save the world? How can this world continue with man's neglect for our environment? Do you believe in Global Climate Change? How are we going to have enough food and water when there is 10 Billion people on Earth by the year 2050? Are GMO's great for our world? These are the essential questions we will talk about in science class. Be prepared, be on task, and make learning fun. I enjoy the art of learning and appreciate all students in their quest to find out how living organisms cohabitate, how our precious Ecosystems needs our help, and how the Earth is here to assist us in our wonderful journey of life... Come on and grab a notebook and pencil, let's make our journey one where we can help the world around us...don't wait for everyone else, YOU make the difference....

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