Let's hit the books!

    Welcome to Mrs. Maria Baker's English Class

    E-mail: Bakermar@orange.k12.nj.us

    OHS phone number: 973-677-4050

    Course Description:

    The English Language Arts Department will work to increase student acquisition of content, fluency, and vocabulary and the ability to write for a variety of purposes and audiences; thereby preparing students to meet and or exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in route to being college and career ready.  In class, we will build content knowledge and academic vocabulary through engagement with a large volume of reading (complex texts, leveled content-based text, and interest-based independent reading) to write and speak to and from sources.


    Required Supplies:

    Notebook, folder, pen, pencil, highlighter, Post-it notes


    Grading Policy:

    Grades will be based on the completion and performance on all class assignments, tests, quizzes, participation, homework, and projects.  A passing grade in English IV is a graduation requirement.

    Authentic Assessment              25%

    Classwork                                20%

    Quizzes                                   20%

    Tests                                        25%

    Homework                               10%

    Total                                        100%


    Academic Dishonesty Policy:

     Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.  If fraud is suspected, an automatic zero will be granted for the assignment.


    Classroom Expectations: 

    I am here to teach, and you are here to learn. You are expected to behave in a manner that is conducive to learning.  This behavior includes: 

    • Be polite – be respectful to your teachers, classmates and yourself
    • Be prompt – be on time for class before the bell rings and in your assigned seat
    • Be prepared – arrive to class with all required materials and assignments
    • Be productive – use your precious time efficiently from bell to bell with 100% effort
    • Participate – engage in classroom activities with a positive attitude
    • Cell phone usage is prohibited during class times and rude to teachers; please keep them away

    Daily Procedure:

    When arriving to class:

    • Enter the classroom in an orderly manner.
    • Be in your assigned seat, have appropriate materials out, and be ready to work.
    • Take out your homework and leave it on your desk.
    • Begin working on the “Do Now” activity.
      • If you are tardy, do not disrupt the class, no discussion is necessary.
      • Enter quietly, sign in on Tardy Log, place pass (if you have one) on my desk and begin daily tasks. 

    During class:

    • Wait quietly for the teacher’s instruction.
    • Listen and follow the directions the first time that they are given.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking or leaving your seat.
    • Remain on task and ALWAYS put forth your BEST effort.

    At the end of the class:

    • We work bell to bell; I will let you know when to stop working and to start packing up.
    • Make sure you have the homework assignment. 
    • Stay in your seat until you are dismissed.
    • Leave the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner, take any trash and dispose of it properly.

    Student Responsibilities:

    Homework - Homework is an extension of the classroom and an essential component of learning.  It is expected that you will complete the homework regularly and on-time (meaning ready to hand in or discuss at the beginning of class the next day).

    Absences - If you are absent from class for any reason (i.e., illness, vacation, field trip, sporting event, etc.) then it is your responsibility to obtain and make up the assignments missed.

    Class Participation/Attentiveness - This is very important. Your effort to make our classroom the best possible learning environment will be rewarded. Questions are essential for learning; if you have one, then please ask politely. They help guide instruction and allow you to become actively involved in the class. Class participation also includes your behavior and attentiveness in classes.

    Extra Help - If you are experiencing difficulty in the class or with a specific assignment, please email me at bakermar@orange.k12.nj.us.  or see me for additional assistance. 


    I believe in your potential; I will help you believe in it and reach it!  Let’s make it an awesome year!


    Student progress can be tracked by logging in to the Genesis Parent/Student Portal.  If you do not have access to this portal, please contact the guidance office.  I will gladly discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have when you schedule a meeting or contact me via email or phone.