• Welcome to Room 4!




    Welcome to Forest St. Community School!  My name is Alnae Bailey and I am the certified, lead special education teacher in your child’s preschool classroom. Along with me are Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Bragg our classroom paraprofessionals. We are so excited to begin the year with you and your child.  This year is an important step in your child’s education to begin a love of learning and discovering new things.  We are committed to making your child’s preschool experience an exciting time, full of growth and development!


    Preschool is an exciting place to be! We will provide a wide variety of learning experiences and play experiences throughout the day.  Students will develop social/emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  Students will also develop their independence, thinking, reasoning, decision making, and problem solving abilities. 


    In the classroom, students will be actively engaged in studies on a broad range of content that is relevant and meaningful to them.  Students will grow into readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, problem solvers, friends, and members of our community.  We look forward to supporting and guiding students’ new discoveries and learning adventures.






    Miss Bailey, Mrs. Johnson, & Mr. Bragg   




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    Pre-School COVID-19 Daily Student Health Screening Forms:


    Preschool parents please complete the Student Health Screening form no later than 7:30AM daily.

    English Link: https://forms.gle/wq7TsNJ93x5KFYFJ6

    Espanol: https://forms.gle/bmidE2YpMxpHk7dj8


    Creole Link: https://forms.gle/kh4PQuWS1vheiwdw8