• Come explore topics of interest and areas of technology in greater depth. Whether your interests lie in digital media, robotics, software engineering or alternative and renewable energy, the high school SmartLab® helps take your learning to the next level.

    Learning engagements are challenging and open-ended, often integrating multiple technologies. Project objectives increasingly reflect real-world challenges requiring a transdisciplinary academic perspective. Complex objectives often require extended project cycles promoting advanced workplace skills like project planning and time management.

    The lessons are self directed!  Meaning you get to choose what you want to learn and you are responsible for completing all the activities.

    Have fun and enjoy!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you all!


    Below are the topics you will be able to explore:


    • Arduino- Design, build, and test programmable circuits that interact with the environment.
    • Pneumatics- Learn about the compressibility of gasses and how to harness the power of air to do work. Explore Bernoulli’s Principle and enhance pneumatic circuits by adding electrically controlled pneumatic solenoids.
    • Snap Circuits- Explore electricity and electromagnets as you build real working circuits.

    Computer Graphics

    • Photoshop Elements- Use photo editing software to enhance photos, create pop art, and digital composite images.
    • Tinkercad- Design three-dimensional objects and scale models using computer software then print their designs on a 3-D printer.

    Digital Communications

    • Animation-ish- Use animation software to bring original stories and ideas to life.
    • InDesign- Learn to use the publishing and typesetting software InDesign to create works for business and personal purposes.
    • WordPress- Design, create, and edit web content for their own websites and blogs.

    Mechanics and Structures

    • Fischertechnik Mechanic + Static- Explore simple and compound machines and create machines with great mechanical advantage by using different gears and gear systems.
    • K’Nex- Use K’nex building tools to create machines that can complete tasks and explore the relationship between machines and art.
    • IQ Key- Explore the concept of mechanical advantage and experiment with gear ratios to design and test various machines.

    Robotics and Control Technology

    • Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics- Program advanced robot behaviors in order to conduct scientific explorations through repetitive testing and modify programming for more precise data collection.
    • Sphero

    Scientific Data and Analysis

    • Google Earth- Experience virtual maps of historic places, learn to geotag images, create your own map, and collect and analyze GPS information.
    • Vernier Scientific Sensors- Use sensors to collect and analyze data ranging from the reflectivity of light, to heart rates, and even conduct a comprehensive environmental survey of the community. A variety of activities are designed to support the learning of K-12 students.

    Software Engineering

    • Kodu Game Lab- Design and create your own computer game and learn how to control objects and scenarios with block code.
    • Scratch- Use your creativity and work collaboratively to program interactive stories, games, and animations.
    • App Inventor - Learn how to develop and troubleshoot applications for Android smartphones.


    • Energy Efficiency- Explore the consequences of recycling and urban heat islands, calculate your carbon footprint, and even conduct your own home energy audit with the help of sensors such as the watt meter and infrared camera.
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cells- Learn how hydrogen fuel cells electrolyze water to produce hydrogen fuel and experiment with real Horizon hydrogen fuel cells.
    • Solar Energy- Explore solar energy and its uses including solar water pasteurization, solar home design, and solar cooking.