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    Tiara Knox: K- 7 Dance


    Rosa Parks Community School Phone Number: 973-677-4515


    Extended Learning Procedures


    Office Hours:

    1:00pm- 3:20pm M-F





    "To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance."

    -Aubrey Lynch




    Google Classroom Codes: 


    Grade 7

    Tuesday (A-Day)

    Code: cocv6st

    Link: HERE


     Tuesday (B-Day)

    code: 4cexfhl

    Link: HERE


    Wedsnesday (B-Day) Ms. Brown's Homeroom

    code: naeiei7g

    Link: HERE


    Grade 6

    Wednesday (A- Day) Ms. Hanson's Homeroom

    code: wrovbm6

    Link: HERE


    Friday (A-Day) Ms. Brandt's Homeroom

    code: 3p2ye6x

    Link: HERE


    Friday (B-Day)Ms. Gomez's Homeroom

    code: z3xq3ev

    Link: HERE


    Grade 5

    Wednesday-Napolitano/ Cook Homeroom

    code: 23leems

    Link: HERE


    Grade 4

    Monday- Ms. Holman's Homeroom

    code: niy2q5h

    Link: HERE


    Tuesday-Ms. Higgins's Homeroom

    code: vw344h5



    Thursday- Ms. Adu's Homeroom

    code: pefp5er

    Link: HERE


    Grade 3

     Ms. Assia's Homeroom

    code: 4uhcwob

    Link: HERE


    Ms. Tynes's Homeroom

    code: 4qnllzu

    Link: HERE


    Ms. Miller's Homeroom

    code: undsozz

    Link: HERE


    Grade 2

    Mrs. Whalen's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Mrs. D'Angelo's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Mrs. Murray's Homeroom

    Link: Here


    Ms. Uribe's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Grade 1

    Ms. DeCorso's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Ms. Castro's Homeroom
    Link: HERE


    Ms. Shakir's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Ms. Kiel's Homeroom

    Link: HERE



    Ms. O'Hara's Homeroom

    Link: HERE


    Ms. Ngoye's Homeroom

    Link: HERE