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    with Digital Media Arts


    Computing Ideas



    Building on the understanding that students learn best when using hands-on project-based learning the SmartLab is a self-directed program using authentic projects based in STEM and Digital Arts. In the SmartLab students are in charge of their own learning. They work in teams of 2 to 3 students on projects for 8 to 10 class periods then switch to a new project. They rotate through different stations, so while they choose where to start, they must rotate through most of the topics. Students plan their projects, develop daily goals to reach, keep a daily engineering journal, and create a presentation at the end that covers the major concepts they learn along with information about their project. SmartLabs prepare students to not only to pursue a future in a  STEM or Digital Arts field but also, through its nurturing of critical and creative thinking, for the 21st Century.


    The topics that may be covered are:

    • Circuitry (including electric and pneumatic)
    • Computer Graphics (the Adobe Creative Suite)
    • Digital Communications (including music, animation, and video)
    • Mechanics and Structures
    • Robotics and Control Technology
    • Scientific Data and Analysis
    • Software Engineering (scratch, app development)
    • Sustainability


    Students are graded on:

    • Daily engineering journal
    • Final presentation
    • Complete Project (including plan, teamwork, time management)
    • Daily behavior and participation are included in the complete project grade.)



    Every project has a section called "What you should know." Students are required to read this section, including its links, in class or at home before the end of the project. Information from this section must be used in their presentations.


    Expectations (these are from the agreements students wrote as a class):

    • Respect each other
    • Respect the equipment and materials
    • Help each other
    • Try your hardest
    • Only walk
    • Put liquids and food away

    Since students work on self-guided projects it is crucial that they are self-directed and do not wait to be reminded to work.

    You can read more about Smartlabs at:

    Creative Learning Systems



    Computing Ideas


    Course Overview and Goals

    The Computing Ideas course is a first year computer science course introducing the basics of programming with Karel the Dog, the basics of designing a web page, and how information is represented digitally and sent over the Internet. Students will learn to code using blocks to drag and drop, but they can switch between blocks and text as desired. Students will create a personal portfolio website showing projects they build throughout the course.

    See https://codehs.com/course/649  for more details.