Ms.Siebert School Nurse 
    Central Elementary School

    Physical Exams are required of all new kindergarten students and for those students transferring to Northeast School from another school district, state, and/or country. Physicals are also recommended for students entering 6th grade.

    Student injuries such as fractures, stitches etc. must be reported to the school nurse so that accommodations can be made if necessary.

    Absences: If your child or children are or will be absent, please call the main office (973) 677-4095 or the health office at 677-4097 and leave a message Include the reason for the absence and the estimated time that your child or children will be absent.

    Medications: Medications may not be given in school without permission from the child’s doctor and parents/guardians. This applies to both prescription and over the counter medicine.


     Easy Ways to Stay Healthy 


    * Get plenty of sleep.

    Children: 9 or 10 hours a night

    Adults: 7 or 8 hours a night

     * Wash hands often

    * Drink Water! Water is good for your skin,teeth, and overall health

    * Jump, Hop, Dance, and Walk! KEEP ACTIVE!

    * Wear a helmet when riding a bike, roller skating, or skateboarding. 

    ball   basket             foot           

    • A Healthy Student makes an excellent learner

    • Have your student get plenty of sleep

    • Frequently wash you hands

    • Cough into your elbow

    • Eat a healthy breakfast

    • Fever or vomiting? Keep your student home for 24 hours

    • Any individual concerns please contact Nurse Siebert 973-677-4112