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                                                                                                             Ms. Martelli

    Ms. Martelli 

    Library/Media Center                 Room 114/117            


    Read Across America Week - Check Class Dojo for schedule!






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    Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome to the Extended Learning Resource Page. This page was created to provide students working from home with access to assignments, links, assessments, and practice resources. Additional information and daily updates can be found on the district’s COVID- 19 Resource Page found at



    Welcome to the Park Avenue Media Center!                 

     Virtual Office Hours

    Monday-Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm

    Contact me:    Email -   Class Dojo: Ms. Martelli

    Below are the links and codes to my Library Google Classrooms:

    Kindergarten/Faria   Claa Code: dmje524

    Kindergarten/Pereira    Class Code: tvajmss

    1st Grade/Walker    Class Code: 4hzyvms

    1st Grade/Roos    Class Code: bcncu2w

    2nd Grade/Stieve      Class Code: t5dkujr



    2nd Grade/Werbler   Class Code: nt45tsz

    3rd Grade/Curran    Class Code: fwfmkju

    4th Grade/Beaghen     Class Code: trgoubi

    4th Grade/Layton     Class Code: fo2gwru
















    Remote Learning Tips! 

    Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn.

    Dedicating appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers.

    Routinely checking appropriate Google Classrooms and emails for information on courses, assignments, and resources, on a daily basis. 

    Attending and participating in any check-in times offered by your teachers.

    Engaging in the virtual platforms with acacemic honesty, integrity, and according to the distric's Acceptable Use Policy.

    Submitting all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates.