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    Your child was born to learn! From birth, your child is learning the important language and literacy skills. They see printed words and symbols all around them: on signs, books, magazines, newspaper and on many items in the home. You can help your child learn that the print tells us something. These skills will help your child learn to read and write. All students should have received a summer packet. Please make every effort to complete the packet. Kindergarten students should return their packet to their kindergarten teachers in September and returning students must return theirs to Ms. Stapleton/Santacruz.

    ·          Read books to your child every day. Be willing to read their favorite book over and over again. Talk about the pictures and they connect with the story. Point to the words as you read so your child will know that the story is coming from the print.

    ·          Ask your child to help you read. Let them picture read a favorite book.

    ·          Borrow books from the library

    ·          Take a walk, drive or play games. Try to find signs with words that you know (McDonald's, Exit, stop, Go, etc.)

    ·          Help your child to write and recognize his or her name.

    •   Please complete the summer packet that is provided for your child. Children going to kindergarten must submit their packet to their kindergarten teachers. Students returning to pre-school must return their packet to the pre-school teacher.