• Welcome back to School Year 2019/2020!

    Do you know what ESL means?  It stands for English as a Second Language.

    But it reminds us also of "EXTRA SPECIAL LEARNERS",

    because ESL students speak 2 or more languages!!!

           With this EXTRA advantage, ESL students are headed for greatness!!!     


        The ESL team provides additional Language Arts support to students who are learning "English as a Second Language" while taking their regular classes. Participation in the program is partly determined by the language the student speaks at home, language testing done by the district and other factors.
           If you feel your child would benefit from such support, please contact the Orange Board of Education at 973-677-4500 to explore eligibility.
           To read with your child, check out some of my suggested websites. We invite and encourage active participation from our parents and guardians.
    Forest Street Community School telephone:  973-677-4120
    Forest's ESL Staff:
    Mr. Bill Donnelly, (Grades 3-7)  Email: donnelwi@orange.k12.nj.us
    Ms. Lori Lynn Llarena, (Grades K-2)  Email: LlarenLo@orange.k12.nj.us