• The Career and Innovation Academy of Orange

    Our Mission

    The mission of The Career and Innovation Academy of Orange is to cultivate an environment where the faculty encourages students to achieve academic, social, emotional, and personal success as they foster relationships with the community and pursue their interests in the real world through internships.  A collaboration of academics and career interests promote life skills and values which can be utilized in the classroom and beyond. Each student’s personalized learning plan connects them to their interests and enables them to acquire authentic values along with sustainable and practical knowledge. Students will be expected to demonstrate this knowledge by applying obtained skills to every aspect of their daily routines. Upon graduation, our students will embark on a journey as self-directed thinkers and learners while aspiring to continue their education in addition to focusing on future endeavors. 


    Vision Statement

    We believe that schools should give students more opportunities which promote individuality, self-respect, and responsibility inside and outside of the classroom.  Our goal is to connect the students’ interests to relevant and meaningful learning experiences in the real world & urge students to always do their personal best.  We will provide students with the knowledge and life skills to prepare and succeed in the global community.  Out staff here at the Career and Innovation Academy of Orange is committed to educating and mentoring students’ one child at a time.  Our students will continue to challenge themselves to ultimately fulfill their potential


    In service of this vision, students will be provided with:

    n  A highly personalized learning experience, defined by an individual learning plan, daily advising, internship mentoring, and rigorous academics based on student interest;

    n  A guiding partnership among students, parents, teacher-advisors, mentors, colleges, and the community that provides a learning context appropriate to student interest;

    n  Learning experiences and hands-on projects that guide learning across the content areas and support depth over breadth;

    n  Opportunities to participate in real world learning thorough internships and training related to their interest;

    n  A vibrant, flexible learning environment that provides equal access to all students by differentiating instruction to address student learning styles, abilities, and interest; and

    n  Graduation with a high school diploma, a post high school plan and the skills needed for success through college and in real world careers.




Last Modified on February 15, 2013