• The Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) is a program designed to support high levels of student achievement in physics, chemistry, and biology and was developed over 10 years by teachers. This program has led to high levels of Advanced Placement (AP) participation and passing rates.

    Using the same research-based, successful approaches as PSI, the Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) was developed by teachers to support all of K-12 mathematics.  Developed first to support the teaching of Algebra, these courses now also lead to AP Calculus.

    Each program consists of the same core philosophy, pedagogies, assessment strategies, technology while each has its own set of free* digital materials to support the teaching of more than 20 courses in mathematics and science. These materials are available in the free courseware sectionof this website including presentations, homework, and student assessments. Educators can register on the site to gain access to student assessments, which require an upgraded account (also free!).
    PSI/PMI- An Effective New Approach to Student Learning and Teacher Teaching- PPT
Last Modified on September 20, 2012