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    4th & 5th Grade English Language Arts & 4th Grade Social Studies

    Email: morrisro@orange.k12.nj.us or ClassDojo

    ClassDojo for 4th Grade: https://teach.classdojo.com/#/classes/5f52a4c577f44839236dcf96/points

    ClassDojo for 5th Grade: https://teach.classdojo.com/#/classes/5f529fbc8e9cbb740b524783/points

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     WELCOME TO 4th-5th GRADE!!! 1


    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the Extended Learning Resource Page. This page was created to provide students working from home with access to links and practice resources.  Students, please remember to join me on Google Meet daily!  Students are required to complete all assignments on Google Classroom.  Parents please contact me via ClassDojo with questions or concerns.  On ClassDojo, I post daily assignments, shout-outs, Google Meet links, and emails to update parents and students. Additional information and daily updates can be found onthe district's COVID-19 Resource page found at: COVID-19 Resource Page.
    General Student Expectations:
    Virtual Learning Expectations and Protocols:
    • Students are required to be actively online from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday
    • Follow your 2020 - 2021 schedule in order to attend ALL classes
    • Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn
    • Dedicate appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers
    • Turn on your camera - No Icons/Images. I must see you actively engaged
    • Mute your microphone
    • Dress in your uniform.  No pajamas
    • Come to class prepared with completed homework, texts, workbooks, notebooks, pencils. You must be ready before the meeting!
    • Routinely check Google Classrooms and Class Dojo for information on courses, assignments, and resources, daily
    • Don't be late! Log into the designated class a few minutes early
    • Engage in the virtual platforms with academic honesty, integrity, and according to the district's Acceptance Use Policy
    • Submit all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates

    Parent's'/Guardians please support your child in their learning process by:

    • Monitor OPSD updates sent via phone blasts, Class Dojo, Remind, Google Classroom, district website, etc.
    • Check in with your child daily about the At Home/Virtual Learning tasks, activities, and assessments that they are working on
    • Check in, daily, your child's Google Classroom "Grades" to ensure that assignments are being completed. If you see "missing" it indicates that your child did not complete the assignment. This "missing" grade/score will be reflective of the student's overall grade and attendance
    • Encourage adherence and attendance according to their schedule - 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, Monday - Friday
    • Designate a place and time where your child will work independently on his/her assigned tasks
    • Ask your child to provide a brief summary of the learning he/she is engaging in for each class to ensure their understanding of the content
    • Ask your child about their deadlines and support them, as needed, in submitting assignments in accordance with the established deadlines
    • Help your child manage logs to document progress on assignments and lessons
    • Remind your child to contact/email his/her teachers if they have any questions


    4th & 5th Grade Schedule 

    4th Grade Google Classroom Code: kzmb27c             Google Meet Code: Oacs4

    5th Grade Google Classroom Code: uxwwjql              Google Meet Code: Oacs5

    4th & 5th Grade Schedule

     I am always here for you! We are in this together, family!  :)
    Educationally Yours,
    Dr. Morrisroe, Ed.D.