Marking Period 3
    Computer: Should be done daily 20 min.
    Week of 3/9/20
    Science Grade 4: 
    3/2/20 None
    3/3/20 Answer the yellow sheet in you notebooks
    3/9 None
    Science Grade 5
    3/2/20 Answer question: How does heat effect water particles?
    3/3/20 None
    3/9 None
    Social Studies Grade 4: 
    3/2/20 define vocabulary words in notebook:
    amendment, democracy, ratify, and due process
    3/3 and 3/4/20 Answer the following questions in your notebook:
    1. Why did the Articles of Confederation create such a weak national government?
    2. What was the Constitutional Convention about?
    3. What powers did the new plan give to the national government? states?
    3/9 - Question on Purple paper, answer in notebook
    3/10 - Students should review and answer any homework questions in their notebook. 
    Social Studies Grade 5:
    What was Harritet Tubman's Greatest Achievement?  
    3/3/20 None
    3/9 Teller Computations
    3/10- Page Deposit Slips (Page 7?)