About the Student Assistance Program
    The Student Assistance Program in Orange Public Schools addresses concerns about addictions in our student community. The goal of our program is to develop a safe, disciplined, and drug free environment. Prevention programs, early identification of high-risk students and intervention services are means of addressing alcohol and drug use, as well as other additions and their related behaviors. The Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) provides confidential counseling and help students and their families find appropriate rehabilitation and treatment facilities, when required. The Student Assistant Counselor’s work is primarily preventative. On the elementary level, the program includes running social skills groups for all students, facilitating special sub subject groups (drugs, peer pressure, community service) and working very closely with caregivers and teachers. We also help with emergencies, economic issues, and referrals for community service. 
     Referral Process
    Referral Process Students with substance concerns may be referred to the School Nurse or an Administrator for assistance by:
     Voluntary Self-Referral
     Staff or faculty Members
     Family or Peers
     Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) Committee