• Role of the Student Assistance Coordinator
    Assisting families and students with alcohol and drug issues by working directly with students and/or connecting students and families to community resources when needed; Providing support for families, staff and administration for students who may have academic issues relating to social-emotional/mental health issues such as alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse among others; Serve as members of the high school student support teams (such as crisis, 504, I&RS, and emergency management teams) and assisting with staff development. In short, the Student Assistance Coordinator provides a support system for students and families to use when circumstances threaten school performance. Students may see the SAC for assistance with any personal issue. The OPS SAC works to develop a working relationship with students that will strengthen the “safety net” that supports each child. Working together with SACs, nurses, administrators and teachers can make a difference in the lives of our children.
    Student Assistance at Work for You
    Connecting our Students with the Resources, they Need The goal of the Orange Student Assistance Program is to assist in developing a safe, disciplined, and drug-free environment. The program is designed to help students develop coping skills, make positive lifestyle choices, and avoid substance abuse problems. The following objectives have been established to help achieve this goal :  Provide short term individual and group counseling for students with substance abuse, behavioral and emotional concerns  Provide age-appropriate drug, violence, and behavioral prevention and intervention programs.  Address the needs of the students in crisis.  Provide intervention, recommendations for referral and follow-up support.  Assist students in understanding the negative consequences of poor choices.  Focus on the prevention of Bullying