• Syllabus: United States History II

    Instructor:  Jean Jackson Phone: 973677-4050

    Email: jacksoje@orange.k12.nj.us



    United States History II is an intense study beginning with Reconstruction and culminating with events of today. This Social Studies course is designed to foster an appreciation of the contributions all  who made the growth and development of the United States. In the process students will reinforce the positive values of self, family and community while guiding them toward becoming productive citizens


    Course Goals and Learning Objectives related to the Common Core 

    Student will be able to:

    1) Distinguish various theories and concepts defining US historical forces

    2) Identify political, economic and social issues within various American & global


    3) Critically evaluate stated goals versus implied interests motivating US policy

    4) Analyze ethical dilemmas in US history

    5) Demonstrate the capacity to express ideas clearly, coherently, and grammatically

    In oral and written forms

     6) Demonstrate a mastery of a broad body of historical knowledge

     7) Differentiate between various schools of historical thought and interpretation

      8) Interpret and draw conclusions from various pieces of historical data including original documents, cartoons, graphs, etc.

    9) Use historical evidence to defend and support basic arguments and positions

    10)  Demonstrate an effective use of analytical skills of evaluation, cause-and-effect relationships, and compare and contrast

    11) Work effectively in groups to produce products, make presentations, and solve problems



    Please note the discussion on Academic Integrity in the Catalog.  Students will receive a "0" on the assignment if found in violation.  Plagiarism will result in an F grade for the semester.



    Cheating, in any form, will not be tolerated.  Students found cheating on exams or assignments will receive a "0" for the project


    Textbook, notebooks, pen, and pencil are required on a daily basis. In addition students will need to purchase folders and other reasonably priced materials upon request.
    ATTENDANCE: Attendance in this class is extremely important. United States History II is a required course necessary to achieve a high school diploma. This is a full year course in which students attend class every other day. Students who compile more than nine absences will not receive credit toward graduation. It is each student's responsibility to complete all missed assignments.   

    Student Responsibilities:

    1)      Regular attendance is mandatory for the successful completion of this class: each absence will be recorded as a grade of zero; choric absenteeism (two. Will influence your final grade~

    2)     Students should enter class and begin deactivate beepers, cell

         Phones and pagers - these instruments can be disruptive. .

    3)      All assignments must be turned in on time; late assignments subject to penalty.

    4)      Only in extreme circumstance will a make-up test be allowed; students should expect a different exam.

      Topic Outlines

    ·        Reconstruction

    ·        The Western Expansion

    ·        The Age of Machines

    ·        The Gilded Age

    ·        Urbanization and the Progressivism

    ·        Foreign Policy

    ·        WWI

    ·        The 1920’s

    ·        The Great Depression

    ·        WWII

    ·        The Cold War

    ·        Foreign Relations 1945-present

    ·        Reform and Conflict

    ·        The Post War and Baby Boom

    ·        The Civil Right Movement

    ·        The 1970’s –to the present

    School "dress code" will be enforced
    You are responsible for every behavior you do. There are no excuses.

    Appropriate in-class behaviors include:

     Be polite to your classmates and teachers (including substitute teachers) if you are unsure of polite, please ask before you do a behavior.

    You should participate by asking and answering questions. During seatwork time, you should be working quietly.

    Know and follow procedures for this class.

    Be prepared for every class; bring all materials with you.

     Go to the bathroom prior to getting to class. Organization is the key to success.

    Read, Listen, discuss, take quizzes and tests, do seatwork, homework, work cooperatively with others on projects, do research, and apply the things you have learned to the rest of life.

    You, as an individual student, are responsible for all work to be turned in; including getting notes and assignments from days you are absent.

    Learn how to listen and take notes. It will be very helpful!!!

    Have a positive attitude about the course and your ability to do well.

    Attitudes and Communication Points

    My approach to my classes is to create an atmosphere in which all students can learn both about themselves and other people. To this end, I have several "beliefs," which are explained below regarding work, attitude and communication.

    I treat my students as adults until something gets out of hand, then I come down on people's behavior, not them personally.

    Whatever grade you end up getting, you will have earned it, whether it is an "A" or an "F." I do not give grades, you earn them.

    When items of a personal or private nature are discussed in class, they should stay within the context of the group discussing it = confidentiality.

    No put-downs are allowed in class. If I am guilty, call me on it!

    The entire class is responsible for the class climate.

    If I am explaining something and you have a question, please wait two minutes before asking. You will find I will answer it in that time. If not, ask away.

    Be open to new ideas ~ challenge yourself.

    Let quality be your policy.


    Grades are based on attendance, class participation and performance on group and individual 
      Grading Scale                                    

          From     To     Grade Center

          97.0    100.0    A+     98.5 

          94.0    96.9      A     95.4 

          91.0    93.9     A-     92.4 

          88.0    90.9     B+     89.4 

          85.0    87.9      B     86.4 

          82.0    84.9     B-     83.4 

          79.0    81.9     C+     80.4 

          76.0    78.9      C     77.4 

          73.0    75.9     C-     74.4 

          70.0    72.9     D+     71.4 

          67.0    69.9      D     68.4 

          64.0    66.9     D-     65.4 

           0.0    63.9      F     32.0 

     "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it" -
     Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)


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