• Welcome to a New School Year 2021-2022


    The health and safety of the students and staff is my priority at Oakwood Avneue Community School. Please call with any concern status of your child's physical or mental health. 

    If your child has an acute or chronic medical  condiction such as Asthma ,Diabetes , Food Allergies , Seizures, Sickle Cell Disease,  Heart Disease or anything else please contact me to ensure emergency plans are in place. Below are some links to forms that you may need to fill out  your doctor. 

    Seizure Action plan:
    Please be advised that all students must be up to date on their immunizations.

    Kindergarten students must have the following vaccines:

    Dtap 5 doses
    Polio 4 doses
    Hep B 3 doses
    MMR 2 doses
    Varicella at least 1 dose

    6th Graders

    Mandatory vaccines

    Tdap booster
    Meningococcal vaccines
    Physical - current less then 1 year old otherwise make an appointment ASAP.

    All documentation must be brought to the school and given to the school nurse.  


     Information about COVID-19:



    Click the link to Nurse Powell's virtual health office:



    Frequently Asked Questions:
    What to do if a student stays home sick- Please call the school to report absence and after 3 day please send in a doctor's note when possible.
    How do I get a copy of my child immunization records?- Speak with your primary doctor or ask the school nurse.
    What to do if a student is injured at school? The student will be sent to the school nurse and upon triage the school nurse will determine if a parent / guardian needs to pick up the student.
    What to do if a student has a fever? Keep student home, call or seek medical attention for temp 101.  Student must be fever free to return to school. 
    Screenings: Students are screened annually for height, weight, blood pressure  vision, and hearing according to New Jersey State Guidelines.Vision: Grades K, 2, and 4, 6 ; Hearing: Grades K, 1, 2, and 3; Height and Weight: Grades K through 7; Blood Pressure: Grades K through 7. In addition, all fifth and seventh graders are screened for scoliosis. Parents/guardians will be notified if a follow-up by a doctor is necessary.

    Physical Exams are required of all new kindergarten students and for those students transferring to Northeast School from another school district, state, and/or country. Physicals are also recommended for students entering 6th grade.

    Student injuries such as fractures, stitches etc. must be reported to the school nurse so that accommodations can be made if necessary.

    Absences: If your child or children are or will be absent, please call the main office (973) 677-4000 ext or the health office at 677-4000 ext. 16750 and leave a message.  Include the reason for the absence and the estimated time that your child or children will be absent.

    Medications: Medications may not be given in school without permission from the child’s doctor and parents/guardians. This applies to both prescription and over the counter medicine.