• Checkpoint Assessment Schedule

    The Science Department has identified checkpoint assessments within grade levels and program modules that align to the district provided scope and sequences.
    The checkpoint assessments are important because they will provide us with information needed to predict whether students and classes are on-course to meet their SGOs and/or year-end goals.  These results will also provide teachers and administrators with information on how best to go about providing support and in order to meet students’ learning needs.  In addition, these routine assessments communicate a strong message to students, and parents about what knowledge and skills are important to learn, what knowledge is valued, and how learning will be measured.
    It is mandatory that the checkpoints assessments are completed (all grade levels) and that the data is submitted on the district provided data tracker in a timely manner. 
    Sample Student Growth Objectives

    Student Growth Objectives

    3rd Grade - Content

    3rd Grade - Practices

    4th Grade - Content

    4th  Grade - Practices

     5th Grade - Content

    5th  Grade - Practices

     6th  Grade - Content

    6th Grade - Practices

     7th Grade - Content

    7th Grade - Practices





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Last Modified on October 17, 2017