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    Riddle me, Riddle me
                            by Helen Frost
    Riddle me, riddle me, what am I?
    If you twist my arm
    I'll start to cry.
    If you twist too hard
    I'll spit in your eye!
    Riddle me, riddle me, what am I?   (answer on the bottom of the page)
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    Count your  blessings.
    Cout them good.
    Do they add up as they should?
    Count three dogs, two cats, one snake-
    did you notice
    your mistake?
    Yesterday they totaled seven.
    Now their number's not the same.
    Dozen eggs
    down to eleven.
    You will never
    guess my name.
    I'm the master of minus,
    the negative knave,
    the dollar spent
    you scrimped to save.
    I'm shrinking violet,
    missing link,
    and I'm much closer than you think.
    Count your blessings.
    Count each one.
    Best recount them when I'm done.
    Yelp for help.
    Dial "H" for Hero.
    You can call me
    Mister Zero.
    (riddle answer:  a water fountain) 
Last Modified on February 8, 2021